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About Heirloom Billiards 

Matthew Mertz the founder of Heirloom Billiards played on the pool tables as a child and grew up in billiard halls as a teenager learning as much as he could about billiards and pool so he hold his own against some of the best.
During this time he also directed his passion to play pool into fine woodworking in architectural design, construction, cabinet making, and period furniture which led him to combine his enjoyment of both billiards and fine furniture.        
   And because of this direction and combination of his endeavors he went into the billiard industry to give friendly entertainment, warm  inviting  decor,  and  lasting memories to you by having your friends and family  enjoy  your  custom billiard game room with you, our customer.  

Our  unparalleled  service, competitive prices, and  overall value  are  why our customers keep returning. And in achieving  that goal we  proudly serve many repeat customers that look  to us for great quality  and  incredible  service. 

We  try  to  deliver  on these  expectations  every  time. 
   We  believe  that  your  satisfaction  should  be guaranteed  here  at  Heirloom Billiards  and  that  is why  we  strive  to  make   sure  our  attention  to  detail is  second  to  none  and  quality  is  assured.

Lets us make your custom dream table come true