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Heirloom Billiards Limited Lifetime Warranty
This applies to all pool tables made by Heirloom Billiards and this Limited lifetime warranty guarantees
the components of your pool table to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own the pool table.
Any other table warranty of tables sold by Heirloom Billiards but not made by Heirloom Billiards needs to be obtained from that brands manufacturer.
Parts covered under this Life Time Warranty are:
* Table, Cabinet, Legs and Hardwood Rails: warranted against splitting, cracking, or warping.
* Hardwood rails and cushions: Warranted against separation, dry rot or hardening
Heirloom Billiards , or any of its authorized service techs, will provide parts required to repair or, at Heirloom Billiards sole option,
replace any of the above components covered by this warranty, found, in the sole reasonable judgment of Heirloom Billiards,
to be defective in materials and/or workmanship.

Warranty does not extend to the following:
- warranty does not apply if pool table or product is transferred from the original purchaser.
- does not cover table leveling.
- warranty does not provide replacement table or "loaner" during the period of repair.
- warranty is not valid for tables used in an institution or commercial setting.
- does not cover cloth, rubber or pockets.
- warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence or abuse.
- warranty does not apply to damage due to normal wear and tear, fire, flood or any other natural event.
- warranty is void if table is not installed from a professional certified installer.
- improper maintenance or repairs, also voids the warranty.

This Warranty is between you and Heirloom Billiards. Heirloom Billiards does not make any other warranties expressed or implied except what is set forth in the warranty stated above. This warranty does give you certain legal rights, and you may have other certain legal rights which may vary from state to state.

If you have any further questions in regards to the warranty, please contact us at: CUSTSVC@HEIRLOOMBILLIARDS.NET